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Did you know heat regulation in the body plays an important role in your overall health.

The red image on the left is what your infrared thermology scan might look like. This shows a neurological interference, disrupting the function of the autonomic nervous system of the human body. This affects everything. One of the most important goals of upper cervical chiropractic treatment is to help with the dysautonomia that is directly related to your upper cervical complex.

Dysautonomia is a medical terminology used to describe a multitude of conditions that are a result of a malfunction of your Autonomic nervous system. Let’s simplify it even more – your autonomic nervous system is responsible for controlling the automated functions of your body (blood pressure, digestion, temperature control, etc.)

For you, the patient, dysautonomia could be a result of a previous traumatic brain injury resulting in malfunctions or disorders in these organ systems such as high or low blood pressure, dizziness, and lightheadedness, Parkinson’s, POTS, etc. In traditional Western Medicine, it is believed that there is no “cure” for these diseases.

The green image on the left is a depiction of what your infrared thermology reading should look. This is why other chiropractors have been unsuccessful in treating your condition and why our approach is the difference.