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The Difference Between General & Upper Cervical Chiropractors

Most Southlake residents will experience some level of back, neck or head pain at some point in their lives. The next stop will often be a chiropractor’s office, but not all chiropractic methods are the same. Experts recommend that patients do a little research to vet a chiropractor and their specific methods to ensure that they get the proper care for their specific symptoms or ailments.

One emerging chiropractic method called upper cervical chiropractic care is attracting more and more patients that suffer from headaches, migraines, immune system issues, anxiety, sleep issues, allergies, chronic fatigue, and more. Discover the unique advantages of visiting an upper cervical chiropractor in Southlake and how they differ from general chiropractors.

What is General Chiropractic Care?

A chiropractor is someone who makes hands-on manipulations to the spine. General chiropractic care is what most people picture when they hear “chiropractor” and this typically involves spinal manipulations by hand or by special instrument focused on the areas involving the spine, spinal cord, and nervous system. Chiropractic care has also historically included a focus on improving overall health and wellness. Many patients derive tremendous benefits from general chiropractic care alone and may not need to seek out the expertise of an upper cervical specialist to improve their symptoms and boost their health.

What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

An upper cervical chiropractor is trained in both general chiropractic care and upper cervical care (UCC). UCC focuses on the relationship between the neck and the rest of the body. The health of the upper neck influences the central nervous system and brain stem function.

Upper cervical chiropractors deal mostly with the spine’s topmost bone, the Atlas vertebra or C-1. This vertebra is often subject to misalignment or injury and can result in a compression of the brainstem that affects many important body functions. Even lower spine symptoms can be caused by a misalignment in the Atlas vertebra.

Upper cervical corrections only involve light corrections to the two top bones in the neck and do not involve the twisting or cracking of the spine.

Upper cervical care may be especially beneficial for those suffering from:

• Headaches/Migraines

• Digestive Issues

• Anxiety

• Immune System Issues

• Allergies/Sinus Issues

• Chronic Fatigue & Pain

• ADHD/Focus Issues

• Trouble Sleeping

6 Key Advantages of Visiting an Upper Cervical Specialist

Some important ways an upper cervical chiropractor differs from a regular chiropractor include:

  • Spinal corrections will not be performed without X-Rays.
    • There is more room for movement and error in the upper neck. Upper cervical doctors will always use X-Rays to map out the unique anatomy of each patient, ensuring the spinal corrections are performed carefully and accurately.
  • Measurements are taken regularly.
    • Upper cervical chiropractors will take measurements of the patient’s body posture and nervous system function during each visit to guide the clinical decision-making process.
  • Spinal corrections are only done as needed.
    • An upper cervical doctor will only perform gentle corrections when the body shows objective signs of needing one.
  • Post-correction checks are performed.
    • An upper cervical chiropractor will conduct at least one post-correction check every time a spinal correction is performed. This may involve X-Rays, thermographic scans, posture measuring, and other functional tests.
  • Spinal corrections are gentle.
    • Regular chiropractors may perform more aggressive corrections throughout the lower spine, but upper cervical corrections are always gentle as the upper neck is delicate. These gentle but effective realignment procedures restore balance in the head and neck.
  • The focus is on head-to-neck balance.
    • Upper cervical chiropractors mostly focus on head-to-neck alignment because of the importance of this area for health and longevity.

Which Form of Chiropractic Care is Best?

Both general chiropractic care and upper cervical chiropractic are incredibly effective, but upper cervical care offers a slight edge thanks to recent research showcasing how it supports healthy brain function, which may boost overall health. It is up to each person to decide which form of chiropractic care is right for their needs with the help of a qualified healthcare professional.

Who Should Visit an Upper Cervical Chiropractor?

Certain people may derive greater benefits from working with an upper cervical specialist. Upper cervical care focuses on the relationship between the neck and the rest of the body, which is thought to impact hormone regulation, mobility, and more key functions. Upper cervical chiropractic care may be especially helpful for patients struggling with:

  • Allergy problems – Asthma patients have been shown to improve between 87% and 100% while under upper cervical chiropractic care.
  • Concussions – A concussion also leads to injury of the neck, and both need to be managed appropriately.
  • Depression – Even a mild concussion to the head, neck, or upper back can increase the risk of depression.
  • Fibromyalgia – Studies and clinical trials show that fibromyalgia often develops after traumatic neck injuries.
  • High blood pressure – Misalignments in the top of the neck near the brainstem affect brain-to-body communication which may lead to high blood pressure.
  • Migraine headaches – A misalignment of the upper cervical spine can cause migraine headaches.
  • Seizure disorders and epilepsy – Injury to the head or trauma to the neck and/or upper back can play a key role in the development of seizures.
  • Sleep disorders – A growing number of people with sleep disorders are being helped by upper cervical chiropractic care.

What to Expect on the First Visit to an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Center

The first visit with an upper cervical chiropractor in Southlake typically includes a tour of the facility and a consultation. During this consultation, the doctor will review the patient’s health history, address current symptoms, and establish customized health goals. The specialist will proceed with a thorough examination including digital X-Rays and a physical and neurological exam of the nervous system.

After gathering all the necessary data, the chiropractor will deliver a specific upper cervical correction, if needed, to restore optimal function and balance to the patient’s nervous system. Following the upper cervical correction, patients will rest for a period of time in zero-gravity chairs to help their bodies adapt to the correction.

Visit an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Southlake Today

Anyone in Southlake hoping to reduce head and neck pain, improve sleep, boost energy, and balance their moods would benefit from upper cervical care. Get in touch with a chiropractor in Southlake to get started today.