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2: A Hero’s Journey: Meniere’s Disease

This week the Journal of Upper Cervical Research published a great case study on navigating Meniere’s disease with upper cervical specific chiropractic care. The story was of a 65 year old patient who had debilitating vertigo that would cause her to vomit. She would experience a hangover like feeling for several days after the episodes and was at her wits end. She had gone to her ENT who recommended several dietary changes and tried several months of full spine chiropractic care with little to no results. At the end of her rope, she took a chance on an Upper Cervical Specific doctor who understood her unique healing crisis. After 5 visits, the patient reported that her Meniere’s was completely gone. She continued through a course of care that took 13 months and at the end, she went to her ENT who proclaimed her virtually cured. Today, it is my pleasure to share the story of patient number 18 from Hope. She, too, has a very similar story to the patient in this study. 4 years later, she is still vertigo free and living life to the fullest.