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2: Episode 2: Building the Foundation with Casie Garner

In 2010, Casie wasn’t really living her best life. She found herself pregnant, weighing in over 230 pounds and not really sure where life was going to take her. After a tough decision to break up with her daughters father, Casie decided it was time to get back in the game of life. She had hopes and dreams and notes that in order to live those dreams and attract them into her life, she had to become the person that would live in that life. She notes: “You have all these excuses, but you have to go look for answers at some point.” So, she went to a trusty source called YouTube to learn about fitness and cooking. It was at this time she discovered the hunk, Rich Froning, and Crossfit. From there her life was never the same. Tune in to the story to find out how she became a small business owner and competitor in Southlake, TX but listening to the episode!

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