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22: Cultivating Health

Health is not something that you suddenly discover. You have to develop it, nurture it, cultivate it. How many times a day are we exposed to an ad that shows us what we dream of becoming. A dream of what health is supposed to look like? Most commonly its a fit male with rocking pecs and a killer 6 pack or a woman who is wearing a scantly clad bikini showing off her body that she has worked so hard to achieve. How many times have you seen this ad in conjunction with the idea that in 30 days you can achieve it? The lies of today are designed to trigger emotion and to get you to take action, but the question is, what happens on day 31? Do you have a consistent habit of execution that will keep you from falling back into your old ways when you suddenly realize that it was nothing but a smart marketing system sold to you? Health is a battle day in and day out. It is developed over time. Much like disease. You don’t just suddenly become sick. The choices you make today create the version of yourself that is shown tomorrow. Which version do you want to sell? The version of health? or….the version of Disease?