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23: The Vocabulary of Winners

In health, we have winners and losers. There is a big difference in the actions, words, and media consumption between the two. Losers typically follow the fad diet, the 30 day challenge, the next shiny object. They are obsessed with comparison and letting everyone know they tried the most recent cool thing. They are the people who never commit to a long term process and typically rebound into the next MLM. They are the ones you cringe at when you see them at a social event because you know they are going to sell you on their next health trick! They chase followers and likes and embrace a shallow life. They never achieve health because what they consume they become. Winners on the other hand are a different story. They are people of action, discipline, commitment and courage. They focus on the now and the today. They don’t let yesterday’s choices impact today’s focus. They don’t sign up for the latest and greatest smoke show because they already know it is another shiny object. They consume media that directly applies to their life and that will help them become better. People of health take action today. They execute on the information given to them and make a decision now. They get their nervous system fixed today, not when a symptom pops up. They take vitamins today, not just in flu season. They take care of their spiritual life today, not when everything is falling apart. They eat health today. They work out today. They get quality sleep today. They drink 100oz water today. They continually execute on being the best version of themselves day in and day out, and what you see is the product of 1000 days of action. But for those of you who want to stay sick…there is always tomorrow.