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24: The Complacency Trap

How many of you dream? I can imagine that there are many of us that have dreams of health, success, and what our life could potentially look like. I think this is something incredibly common in this social age as well when we see what everyone else is doing with their life through our tiny idiot box we keep in our pocket. However, the question I have is, how many of you take actions on your dreams? How many of you are willing to make the sacrifices? How many of you are willing to step into the storm of being uncomfortable? I’ll say, it is probably less than 2%. A majority of people are all talk and no action, this leads to nowhere. As I said on my last podcast, there is a difference between winning and losing, especially in life. Winners take action. Losers watch from the stands. What type of person do you want to become? Remember…complacency kills.