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25: Balance is Overrated…but is it

It is a common theme in the field of self help to talk about the top 5 strategies to achieve balance in your life. We all know that is a load of crap. Balance is something that many people will every achieve. In fact, it is a terrible word for the way life is truly experienced…organized chaos will definitely be a better word. However, there is one area of life that we cannot sacrifice balance, your health. You see, your central nervous system is responsible for organizing and maintaining your body in a perpetual state of balance based upon the factors your body is exposed to. When your nervous system is out of balance, it causes chaos in your body which can manifest as an unending litany of symptoms that impede your performance as a human! Keeping this in mind, today we dive into what causes the nervous system to become out of balance and how upper cervical specific addresses this issue to restore balance to your body to allow you to continue to thrive and operate as the best version of yourself.