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27: Chiropractic Doesn’t Work

A hot topic in today’s medical field is the idea that chiropractic care doesn’t work. So many people have stories about how they have engaged a chiropractor looking for answers to their health related issues only to be let down again. No results. No change. Still throwing more money and more time at a problem that has yet to be solved. Yet, I want to challenge you on that topic. You cannot expect results from a doctor who does not measure for a problem. If you don’t measure anything, how do you know it exists? Second, if you don’t measure it, how can you improve it. The most common problems I see in the chiropractic industry is a patient being over adjusted. Followed by a series of choices – being adjusted at the wrong place at the wrong time…being adjusted at the wrong place at the right time…and finally being adjusted at the right place at the wrong time. In each of these instances the issues falls on the doctor making the best decision to ensure that the patient has the opportunity to heal. So…how do we as doctors know when we adjust the right place at the right time? First: Measure it. The central nervous system doesn’t lie to you about how it is functioning, but it has to be measured. Second: Measure it. The upper cervical spine has very specific points to measure. Third: Measure it – if it is in the right place and the right time, then give an adjustment. It’s as simple as that.