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28: Tossing and turning all night

It is reported that roughly 30% of Americans will suffer from Insomnia over a given period in their life. Of the 30%, 10% will actually have what we call chronic insomnia (the kind that most believe requires medication). However, what if I told you that your sleep didn’t have to suffer? That you could actually get between 7-9 hours of quality sleep a night? This is a journey that I have personally been on since 2012. I suffered multiple concussions in my high school sports career that decided to rear their ugly head 10 years later in the from of insomnia and hand numbness. As a result, I have been on an 8 year journey navigating sleep and getting the best quality possible. On today’s episode, I dive into the 7 hacks that have transformed my sleep. I hope you find them useful. Some of them you already know, others will blow your mind. Who is ready for getting the sleep you deserve?