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30: The psychology of being stuck

One of the biggest challenges we face as people is breaking the frame of the story we tell ourselves daily. For most of us, this results in the feeling of being stuck in life. Over the last several years, I have been on a journey of working with coaches, reading books, and trying many different hacks to help myself become unstuck. It wasn’t until recently that my coach, Jesse, helped me finally get unstuck. It all starts with answering the question “what story am I living in today?” From there, we begin to set the stage for building and creating the life we want. Remember, if you find yourself saying you want to go back, the reason is typically one of comfort. Growth requires you to comfortable with being uncomfortable…and breaking the story frame you have been telling yourself for years is probably one of the most uncomfortable processes you’ll ever go through. However, it is also one of the most fulfilling.