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31: Consistency is King

In a day and age of quick fixes, shiny objects and MLM solutions, we need a real dose of what actually works for success. Over the last three years I have learned thousands of lessons on success as they relate to my business and my personal life. One of the most common threads that I can weave through all the lessons is the idea of consistency. Consistency starts with how you set up your week for success. I have learned that there are two very specific steps we need to take when we set up our week. First, we need to know what our goal is for the month with absolute clarity. This can be a goal for physical, mental, social, spiritual, or even financial health. Second, we need to identify 6 critical tasks that are urgent and important that we need to accomplish every single day. Third…wait there are three? Yes…Third – you need to identify 1 task that you perform daily that is NOT urgent, but is important to help move you closer to your goal. Now, here comes the real kicker – you have to do this day in and day out for your life. This is not something you quit because you are bored. This is not something you quit because it didn’t work after 5 weeks. This is something you continually commit to doing. The people with the greatest opportunity for success are those who are willing to be the most consistent! Are you willing to cultivate success or continue living a mediocre life?