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36: Are you a creator or a victim?

How you choose to show up in the world will dictate your reality. Too often we choose to show up as a victim. We rarely take responsibility for our actions and want someone else to fix our problems. You see, playing a victim is when you focus on a problem and don’t take responsibility for the habit that got you there. And when you are stuck focusing on problem for long enough, you begin to build a cycle of disease in all areas of your life. You start to see your pillars of health collapse and as a result you show up as a person who is fat, sick, and nearly dead in all areas of your life (not just your physical appearance). This is the number 1 problem facing us in our approach to health in Western Medicine. We are too busy chasing problems (symptoms) instead of being creators and focusing on building habits that help us show up as a healthy individual. You see, creator focus on two things: opportunities and solutions. When you choose to create habits that align with your specific health goals, you begin to create freedom in your life. Freedom of your time, money and energy so that you can show up as your own creator. Here the deal, starting today you have a choice. You can continue to play victim and focus on the problem. OR. You can start to show up as a creator and focus on solutions and opportunities. The choice is yours.