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37: Jesus is for losers.

75,000,000 people were absolutely distraught on Wednesday last week. They found themselves asking questions such as “how is this happening?” or making statements like “this is the end of America.” Which happens to be not so different from the same statements the other team made when Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America. However, in the context of both of these scenarios, one theme seems to be common…Jesus Christ is for Losers. You see, we have been taught this idea that to be a true American Patriot means that we also have Faith. “Jesus is my savior and _____ is my president.” That is, until your spirit of nationalism is found to be wanting when your favored candidate didn’t win. So now…is Jesus still your savior? Or, are you the one who walks away from faith because your candidate didn’t win? On this episode, I dive into this concept and really help us unpack the truth that Jesus is actually all we need. Not Donald Trump. Not Joe Biden. Not any past president or future president.