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38: What shall I do?

For the last 10 years I have been on a journey of self awakening. Finding purpose, discovering strengths, and evaluating what talents I have and how I can best apply them. For the most part I have lived a life in fear of judgement stemming from early childhood bullying that I have never truly processed. It was just this week that something finally culminated in my life and I realized that there was one question I was needed to help steer my ship in the right direction. This question led to to a journey in discernment that has helped me realize that I have not been showing up as my authentic self. As a result, I have now committed to making some significant changes that will allow me to show up and change the world. Many of you who are subscribers are on a similar journey. I hope this week’s episode gives you the frame you need to ensure that you, too, are on the right path!