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39: The wider the foundation.

Many of us have had an opportunity to encounter a challenge in our life. These challenges come in many shapes and sizes but each one of them has a few unique principles that will either all us to succeed or to fail in the face of them. The first is what does your process look like for deciding which path to take when you reach the metaphorical fork in the road? The second is how well did you prepare for the challenge once you decide to go down that path? You see, I have found that over my years of life that the wider the foundation I focus on building, the higher the peak experience I will have in any arena of life, especially in my health. But here is the kicker, building a foundation is slow, boring work. It is a trial that requires testing of your faith, your grit, your entire being that will produce perseverance. You know what is awesome about that, when you let your perseverance be perfect, you will be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. So, in light of all the challenges you are facing in your life, remember, the wider the foundation, the higher the peak.