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51: The Opportunity to Create

How often do you take an assessment of what you have created lately? Do you do it on a weekly basis? A monthly basis? In the course of the last month, I have had the freedom to explore creation, not only as a biblical principle, but as an avenue of health. You see, in life, we are given opportunities to create health in the 5 pillars of our life: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and relational. However, I see that too often, we literally bypass these opportunities by filling our life with work. In choosing to labor and choosing the engage in the endless scroll and comparison of social media, the energy that we would use for creation is slowly being sucked away. And thus, this is where I found myself the last two weeks. Caught up in the right race of seeking work instead of embracing the moments of silence. It took three stories that I share in this weeks podcast to help me link together the importance of not only rest, but of truly detaching from this world to give your body rest in order to participate in the creation process. So I ask you again, what have you created lately? Have you found yourself in a draught, lacking the desire to create? Hopefully the points of this podcast will help you reassess your own life and how you prioritize rest.