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Do not be afraid; just have faith.

January was an interesting month.

In fact, I think it is one of those months that is really a hit or a miss.

As a culture we have become accustomed to the traditional post holiday push in the fitness and health industry that has led us to be more discerning about how we proceed with life following the Christmas season.

However, one trend that I am continuing to evaluate and see is the trend of fear.

As a person of faith, I am trained to believe that fear is a tool of Satan.

It is a mechanism to keep us from achieving our goals.

It is also a tool to keep us from becoming the best version of ourselves.

Oftentimes, we find that when faced with fear, we are paralyzed to the point of not taking action.

In the month of January – I was paralyzed by fear.

You see – as a business owner and doctor, the public perceives us as being unshakable.

The common belief is that every entrepreneur is a millionaire.

That they always have their shit together.

That everything they touch turns to gold.

The same can be said about doctors and their status in the Western Culture.

They know whats wrong.

They know how to cure it.

They are the saviors of sickness and disease.

Now, being a representative of both of these fields, I would say nothing can be further from the truth.

Entrepreneurs struggle just as much as someone who works for corporate America. I would make the argument that we struggle even more because of the emotional attachment we have to our customers and our business.

And doctors are just flat out lying to you when they think they have all of the answers.

If you remember 6th grade science, there is this amazing thing called “the scientific method” that every single part of the practice of medicine is based off of.

A majority of the time, doctors are working off of a statistical average that may or may not help you arrive at your answers.

Trust me…being a doctor is hard work and it requires a relationship with the patient to help them navigate their goals.

Try managing those emotions and goals for 200 patients a week (ill give you a hint, it is not easy).

But, I will try to put it into a context that we can all relate to.

During my morning prayer time today, I was meditating on the readings from USCCB.

Today’s reading came from Mark 5: 21-43.

I would like to recount part of this parable.

“There was a woman afflicted with hemorrhages for twelve years. She had suffered greatly at the hands of many doctors and had spent all that she had. Yet, she was not helped but only grew worse.”

(interlude – how many of us have been in this position? probably more than we care to be transparent with)

“She had heard about Jesus and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak. She said “If I but touch his clothes, I shall be cured.”

What Faith!

What an act of Hope!

Can you imagine being a woman, in the time of Jesus, suffering from hemorrhaging for the last twelve years?

Think about this for a second.

You would have been ostracized by the community because you would be considered unclean.

You would have not been allowed into the temple.


You are now broke because you spent the last twelve years searching for a cure.

Now, the opportunity is upon her. She hears about Jesus and she has faith.

She has every reason to live in fear.

To not take action.

To keep drudging down the path of misery she has lived.


She chooses Hope.

She chooses Faith.

She chooses Love.

This miracle is full of wisdom for every single one of us.

Most of us have been in her shoes where we have had a major medical expense.

Some of us have had the benefit of great medical insurance to cover the arbitrary costs for these expenses.

Others are still bearing the burden.

But how many of us just have faith and truly believe in that faith?

The thought of just reaching out your hand and touching HIS cloak, knowing that you will be healed gives me chills.

Thus, in light of this reflection, I think about all those who are battling a chronic ailment.

Maybe this is a result of an accident or injury that you didn’t plan for in life.

Maybe this is a rare genetic mutation that is your unique cross to bear.

Maybe this is a self-induced disease caused by life style decisions over the last twenty years.

In all cases, the parable still holds true.

Would you have enough faith to battle the crowds, stretch out your hand, and just touch HIS cloak?

For some of us, I would say that fear would paralyze you.

For others, I would say that love would help you extend that hand.

The choice is yours.