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Fear Not

“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” – Aristotle.

I just came off of a two weeks vacation (staycation because I am cool like that).

During that time I spent a lot of time in reflection that pushed me to create more.

However, for the longest time I have been afraid of creating…

What if my patients don’t like what I create?

What if I offend someone?

What if what I create sucks?

What if…

And you know what I learned over the break.

Everyone who creates sucked at one time.

Everyone who creates experiences fear.

Everyone who creates continues to create because they know they have something to offer the world and if they stopped creating, who would fill that void?

So, here it goes.

I am a Catholic. I believe in God and I believe in the Holy Spirit.

I experience him daily in adoration and I find that the more time I spend with Christ the better I can create for you.

With that being said, the most quoted statement in the bible is “fear not”.

How many of us on a daily basis encounter fear?

I’ll be the first to raise my hand!

For the entire year of 2016 till 2018, I lived in a constant state of fear.

Would my business survive?

Would we go bankrupt?

Did I pick the right profession?

How do I pay my bills?

How do I get sick people well?

What if my adjustment’s don’t work?

Well…I put that bullshit to rest in 2019, only to discover a different level of fear – the fear of sharing my true thoughts about health and wellness.

So, I decided to kick that in the balls in 2020.

The two commitments I made for getting rid of fear of creativity this year are

  1. The Dr. Joey Kramer Podcast
  2. Daily Hope post

As Aristotle said in our opening quote, he who has conquered his fear will truly be free.

Your Daily Dose of Hope is designed to help you conquer your fear.

To help you to become free.

And to share what goes on inside my head day in and day out.

Just know, you are not alone.

I am praying for you always.

Hope will prevail.