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Hope does not disappoint

As I work through my daily thoughts of Hope, all of my thoughts tend to lead back to the theological virtue and the role hope plays in our life.

You see, this particular title comes from Romans Chapter 5, verses 1-5.

How often do we find ourselves disappointed in today’s life?

For most of us, it involves some type of comparison that is generated through a computer screen.

Watching the lives of others and wondering why we don’t have a similar life.

For some, our disappointment is with our body, our health, our job.

For others, our disappointment comes from our past and the choices we have made.

Reality can be harsh at times and it seems to me that in today’s society we are becoming more weak when faced with the adversity of disappointment.

At the same time…I think as a culture we have lost Hope in our daily lives.

We allow people to dictate our emotional state.

(I know I do – try answering the phone in our office for a day – it’s difficult to maintain Hope and easy to be disappointed)

Now, we do have a culture of desire. A culture of idolatry towards materialism and comfort.

But that is not the same as Hope.

You see, one of the common threads I see as a loss of hope in our daily lives has to do with attachment to the choices we have made in our life.

We hold on to our past.

We use our past as an excuse for the specific dysfunction, loss of hope, and daily disappointment we have.


We need to deal with our past and put it to bed. (I say that tongue in cheek because it is easier said than done)

But the past is done.

As much as we like to think it, it cannot be undone.

However there is a future.

And the future is full of HOPE.

You are allowed to be disappointed with your past, but don’t let that be a reason for losing hope in your future.

Jer 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

For many of us, we are in a season of Hope right now.

For others, we are in a season of disappointment.

All of us have experienced both.

These are seasons of life that shape us and form us into the best version of ourselves.

And in the midst of the chaos of life, I challenge you like I challenge myself – in the seasons of disappointment, seek Hope.

Hope is found in gratitude, it is finding God in all things and knowing that this season, too, shall pass.