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How to Find Relief in Southlake for Head & Neck Pain

People get used to living with pain; it’s an unfortunate truth – they wake up in the morning with neck and head pain, and wonder how they’ll get through the day. Coping can go on for months; even years, and Southlake, TX chiropractic doctors would like people to know that they don’t have to go through life with pain that robs them of the ability to work and pursue leisure activities. For those who have dealt with pain for long periods of time, they are not only used to it, they may very well never have connected the dots to discover what caused it in the first place, which is a vital step in receiving pain relief. Fortunately, upper cervical chiropractors in Southlake offer their knowledge and expertise in upper spine issues. Injuries to the upper spine can lead to a range of problems; some of which people would never associate with that part of the body.

Chiropractic doctors in Southlake help people whose quality of life has been affected by pain in the back, neck and other areas, and they understand why these conditions occur.

In upper cervical care, the practitioner focuses on how the top two bones of the spine (the atlas and the axis) impact the most important portion of your nervous system (the brain stem). Because the atlas and axis are the most mobile segments of the spine, they are extremely susceptible to injury and misalignment. An unhealthy alignment of this area can lead to decreased neurological function, cerebral spinal fluid flow, and lymphatic drainage, resulting in the development of a variety of chronic conditions. Time plays a key factor: a neglected misalignment can wreak havoc on the body.

The main focus that Southlake chiropractic doctors have is on the connection between an interference or interruption in the upper spine (atlas and axis areas) and painful chronic conditions. Upper cervical chiropractors resolve this issue, so the body can operate again in an optimal way. Surgery and drugs can often be avoided because the underlying cause of the painful condition has been addressed.

Restoring balance is what the Southlake chiropractic doctor works to achieve. The spinal care provided doesn’t involve pulling on the neck or forceful movements. The idea is to remove harmful interference. When the body resumes its proper position, painful issues subside, naturally.

How Do Injuries to the Neck and Spine Happen?

Southlake chiropractic doctors have discussed the causes of chronic pain conditions with their patients; often the conversation centers around the question of why the pain got started. Over time, people can be involved in a variety of activities or accidents that interfere with proper alignment. It’s possible that misalignment cannot cause symptoms until months or years after an injury, so a person can forget or not know what happened to cause their pain. But the trouble that results from upper cervical misalignment gets worse over time. Again, some people learn to live with pain, thinking there is nothing that can be done. Others can’t trace what happened because symptoms took time to appear. Head pain, neck pain and a whole host of other problems that can range from depression to dizziness, digestive problems and more can all be connected to upper cervical misalignments.

How Does a Southlake Upper Cervical Chiropractor Help?

First, Southlake chiropractic doctors want people to know that it is possible to get relief from chronic head and neck pain. When people visit the doctor’s office for their appointment, they will benefit from a multistep program that is focused on identifying and working towards the individual’s health goals; specifically:

A Southlake upper cervical chiropractor will help each individual discover and work towards their own unique health goals. Each person has specific needs and reasons why they want to move towards a more healthy lifestyle. Relieving chronic pain can be achieved with a partnership between the Southlake chiropractic doctor and the individual.

Then tests and X-rays will be taken, and a structural assessment will be included. Then after these factors are considered and noted, the upper cervical chiropractor will perform spinal corrections to help the individual’s body return to optimal balance and function.

All of the above steps can bring relief to people, many of whom have suffered for years and have seen many specialists without improvement in their symptoms. The care provided by Southlake chiropractic doctors can end people’s frustrating search for a doctor who finally gets to the source of their pain, to eliminate it. This is a much better approach, versus continually treating pain, and never knowing why it is happening. Then the person is caught in a cycle of unending discomfort, which often gets worse over time.

Sometimes people can be fearful to go to the doctor. Southlake chiropractic doctors want everyone to know that thousands of people have received the relief they’ve been seeking, through upper cervical spinal corrections. People visit the chiropractic doctors’ offices to find relief from pain acquired from many activities and issues; from car accidents, to overreaching when doing home improvement projects, to a whole host of traumatic neck injury issues. The main point to keep in mind is that neglecting a spinal misalignment can lead to longstanding damage, so it’s important to visit a Southlake upper cervical chiropractor as soon as possible.

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Living day in and day out with pain has become the norm for a lot of people. It’s not that they don’t want relief; they may think it’s impossible to attain, considering they’ve tried everything, including visiting many specialists. What they may not know is that head pain, neck pain and a range of other chronic health problems are often caused by upper cervical injuries. They may have tried a range of treatments that have never gotten to the actual source of the problem. Southlake chiropractic doctors offer spinal care that can provide pain relief and improve individuals’ overall health. There’s no need to suffer from head and neck pain. People who suffer from chronic pain issues are encouraged to schedule a consultation with a Southlake chiropractic doctor.