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How You Can Successfully Manage Head Pain in Southlake

Have you been suffering consistent head pain in Southlake caused by effects from a recent accident or consistent tension due to high-stress levels? Add bad posture and repetitive activities to the mix and such aches are even more difficult to handle. An upper cervical chiropractor in Southlake can help you address your concerns as you deal with regular aches that medication alone can’t rectify.

Instead of going to a physical or massage therapist, you can opt for a specialist to help you eliminate your aches and be able to enjoy the stress-free type of life you’ve long wanted.

A Good Way to Manage Tension Aches

Tension aches are the most common type of head pain in Southlake, appearing anywhere in the upper body, from your scalp to right above your back. Stress and strains are often the root cause of these types of aches.

There are two types of tension aches. One is episodic, which is usually tied to a stressful event. It comes on rather quickly but can be managed through over-the-counter medication and is typically resolved when the stressful event concludes. Another type of tension ache is the chronic ache. Such an ache recurs daily and comes either as soon as you wake up or following an extensive day of activity. Muscles in your scalp and above your back feel tense, with a deep amount of tightness developing, including at the base of your skull.

If you’re tired of taking aspirin or other forms of medication to handle these types of aches, an upper cervical chiropractor in Southlake will provide you with a more natural healing alternative. They will use a specific upper cervical technique that will help you relax the muscles and improve your posture so that you’re primed to fight off the tension ache you have successfully. Research has shown that using such a specialist to help you eradicate aches without the use of medication has its fair share of success.

Upper cervical chiropractors realign the top two bones in the neck to remove nerve pressure from the brainstem which may disrupt or distort the healing messages from reaching all parts of the body. Once the pressure is removed and the spine is realigned, nerve communication is restored, and the body’s natural ability to function at its optimum is reactivated.

Recommending Lifestyle Changes to Ease Head Pain in Southlake

To ease head pain in Southlake and relieve your upper body muscles, your upper cervical chiropractor in Southlake may also recommend simple yet significant lifestyle changes so you’re better equipped to handle stress and can keep your muscles loose. A multifaceted approach is necessary to handle these types of aches as various contributing factors trigger them. Not only can stress be the cause of your aches and migraines, but things like foods and noise can also bring them on regularly. You may also regularly suffer aches because you’ve spent several hours looking into a computer screen or at the television. You may also have been using your phone so often that aches come suddenly.

Once it’s been determined that environmental factors are at play in triggering your tension aches and migraines, then your natural healing specialist may recommend diet changes if a particular type of food is causing them. Furthermore, he or she might suggest ways for you to improve your posture and to avoid being stuck in the same position for hours at a time. If you’re working a 9 to 5 and are in front of your computer for long periods, it’s advised that you take short breaks to relax the muscles and get loose before getting back to the grind. You should walk around for a few minutes to try and get your energy back. The longer you stay looking at a computer screen or phone, the more prone you are to potential neck pain in Southlake and can bring on tension aches or migraines at a moment’s notice.

Your care plan may include suggestions on how to reduce joint irritation, either through walking or by stretching for a few minutes. These simple changes can make all the difference, keeping you off pills and helping to get you back on track.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Migraines?

Upper Cervical chiropractic care is a very specific, natural form of health care that focuses solely on the top two bones in your neck. The brainstem passes through these two bones and is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses from the brain to every part of your body. If one of the top two bones becomes misaligned, even slightly, it can distort or interrupt the nerve messages from reaching their destination and that is when symptoms appear. Upper cervical chiropractors in Southlake take very specific X-rays to determine the exact degree of the bone misalignment and realign them so communication is restored, and your body can function at its optimum and migraines may be alleviated!

Studies continue to prove how well natural healing reduces the severity of migraines and tension aches. Enlisting the help of a good upper chiropractor in Southlake can be the first step to getting your life back and being the conqueror of stress that you deserve to be so you can best handle your responsibilities. If you’re overly reliant on pills or just want a stronger healing alternative, this is the right place to start.