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Lord, Help my Unbelief.

About ten years ago I was given a book called “The Biology of Belief.”

It was a book that challenged my thought process and everything I ever understood about health, genetics, disease…

The author is Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD.

Throughout this story, Dr. Lipton virtually unravels why the theory of “it’s because of my genetics” doesn’t really have any solid foundation to stand upon.

It was a great idea…

However…the more realistic end product of why we have specific diseases has to do with our environment.

Most of you who read this blog are in this position.

If you are a patient in my practice, you have found yourself asking many questions about why you are where you are as it pertains to your health.

For some of you, we can draw it back to a very specific incident.

For others…we really don’t have an answer.

Yet, almost every single one of you has asked me the question “when will I get better?”

I like to call this the great question!

It is the same question I have for the end of the road…If I am able to talk to Peter at the Gates of Heaven, I want to ask him about every single one of my patients.

But, that is not for right now.

For right now, we are here and we are trying to navigate the sea’s to understand how we can get better.

We are investing in our health and hoping for a solution.

This is a good place to start with today’s topic.

The power of belief.

While Dr. Lipton may be the one given credit for the field of epigenetics, his ideas have been communicated throughout Christianity for millennia.

Do you want to know what the difference is between a patient who has success in healing and one who does not?

It is quite simple…belief.

What takes place between your right ear and your left ear is incredibly important in regards to your health and expected outcomes.

While working through a book called “The Magic of Thinking Big,” I came across a point that states:

“Disbelief is a negative power, when the mind disbelieves or doubts, the mind attracts “reasons” to support the disbelief.”

This is perfectly manifested in your day to day thoughts.

“I am getting better” is a powerful statement and mantra to repeat to yourself.

“Is this really working” is a statement of disbelief that only attracts more reasons for failure.

In both instances, whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.

Also, this is not just limited to health. This is expanded across all facets of your life.

Business. Relationships. Finances. Faith.

You get the point.

It is this point that will either make or brake your ability to Hope.

I see this every single day in my practice.

It starts with a question like this “how successful are you at getting rid of ____?”

Which I believe is a fair question…people want to know that we can help them.

That is human nature.

However, that question is loaded with an incredible amount of variables that are reliant upon the patient.

Number one on that list, the ability to maintain Hope throughout the journey of healing.

You see – in the West we have been sold this idea that health is found in a pill, a potion, or a lotion.

The major premise holds that the human body is weak.

That God screwed up in making you so we need to add something to the equation to fix it.

Because medical man is smarter than God.

In my opinion, it is a terrible premise.

Otherwise, HALF of the West wouldn’t be diagnosed with a Chronic Disease.

Otherwise the West wouldn’t consume 1/3rd of all pharmaceuticals produced in the world.

BUT, there is Hope.

I see it every single day in the warrior who come into my life looking for an answer because the drugs didn’t help.

You know what the biggest challenge is in our practice…Instilling Hope every single day in every single patient that walks into our doors.

It isn’t the adjustment.

It isn’t the care.

It is helping our patients manage their head space and destroying the demons that like to creep in and keep them from thriving in life.

No easy task.


Because like them, I too have my own unbelief, my own demons, and my own head space to navigate.

Like YOU, I have been injured, I have been hurt, I have failed and I have sought help…I am still there.

So you may find yourself asking: “how do we change this?”

That is a great question.

I have found through the title of this Daily Hope, “Lord, help my unbelief” that over time, things have gotten better.

Did it happen over night?


Has it taken years?


Have you had seasons of Hope?


Have you had seasons of despair?


Why do you keep pushing then?

Because Hope is needed in this world.

Hope is the light in the darkness.

Hope allows us to know that we are getting better.

It keeps the space between your ears clear of evil.

Hope gives you a shield.

It protects you and allows you the freedom to navigate your stormy waters to help you become the best version of yourself.

Hope is not lost.

Lord, help my unbelief.