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No Shiny Objects

I have been rather reflective over the last two weeks.

In this course, I really haven’t had much to say in regards to Hope, Health, or from a podcasting perspective.

I guess you could say, I have been spending some time in my own desert working on contemplative reflections.

With that being said, one of the latest themes that has been standing out to me at Hope is the fascination we as a culture and as a society have with shiny objects.

It seems this day that as we scroll through the internet, there are a myriad of catchy titles with “quick hacks to change your life.”

However, when I think more deeply about this, I realize that nothing happens that fast.

Every single process in life requires time.

They require work.

In fact, a majority of processes take way more work and way more time than we ever imagined.

Bill Gates said “we over estimate the amount of work we can do in one year, and underestimate the amount of work we can do in ten years.”

I would like to transfer this into your health.

You didn’t become sick overnight.

You won’t get well overnight.

For most of us, our health is a representation of the last 5 years of our life.

Meaning, every single choice you have made for the last 5 years is a reflection of the present state of life you are living.

I dont know about you but that is incredibly overwhelming to think about.

And yet, I tend to wonder about the state of where we are in life.

How many decisions did I make in the last 5 years that were chasing a shiny object.

Maybe it was doing this strength program for 5 weeks.

Then a new work out program for 7 weeks.

Then a new diet for 4 weeks.

Maybe tried giving up alcohol for 5 weeks.

You get the picture…

There was one major thing lacking…commitment to a process!

I failed to commit to a recommendation that would produce results if I just followed the recommendations.

Rather difficult in today’s world where we constantly are marketed to with the next shiny object.

That is why as a person, I have committed to a new value and goal in 2020, No Shiny Objects.


When you are going to make a decision, ask yourself this super important question…is this a shiny object?

If there is any hesitation at all, we know the answer is definitely going to be yes and you probably should walk away from whatever is catching you attention.

We know that all processes take time.

We know that shiny objects distract us from that process and as a result, interrupt our time causing us to actually move backwards.

So…just because I don’t have something to say all the time, doesn’t mean that I have disappeared.

Sometimes, it just means that I have taken a step back from the shiny objects and focused on the tasks I am committed too.

I recommend that during this season of life, in the year 2020, you too, try to stop chasing the shiny objects!