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Our Values: #1 Squirrel!

Over the last month, we have been working diligently at putting onto paper the mission, vision, and values of Hope Chiropractic Center.

We were tasked with this from our business coaches over at XM Performance in Grapevine.

Their founder, Ross Patterson, likes to say – If it isn’t on paper, it doesn’t exist.

Thus, Paige and I embarked upon this journey of writing down these essential components of our business.

I think that each of you will identify with at least one if not all of our values and our mission as it is a product of the people we are serving in our community.

We have decided to release a more in-depth description of our values over the next 5 weeks in the written and verbal form.

You will see that Dr. Kramer has released a podcast each week highlighting a value.

The blog will follow…

Thus, our first value…Squirrel!

Shiny Objects

Our first rendition of our values started out with this statement…No Shiny Objects. I even wrote a blog about it here – https://hopesouthlake.wpengine.com/2020/03/05/no-shiny-objects/

We were aiming to capture that fact that in our current culture, we are marketed to constantly with the latest and greatest solution to whatever problem we are facing.

It is amazing how we can start searching on google or amazon for any random object and then over the next few days, our social media and other websites will be filled with paid for ads reminding us of the search we performed several days, hours, minutes, seconds ago.

This “top of mind” awareness strategy constantly works and is proven time and time again that through constantly staying in front of you, it is only a matter of time before you pull the trigger and make a purchase.

While this may be excellent for the business owner who is spending marketing dollars to get you to make a sale, the bigger question I have is how does making this purchase align with your mission and your values?

A different thought

Marketing has always been studied by business owners to help create brand awareness about a specific product or service.

Notice…I didn’t say the word “sale.”

A common misconception.

However…one of the bigger questions I have been facing recently surrounds the deeper values of You…the consumer.

We live in a day and age where we can literally buy something on Amazon in the morning and have it on our door step in the afternoon.

Instant gratification at its finest.

A strong dopamine reaction of the reward system our neurology is wired to for addiction and other trends.

BUT…I want to INTERRUPT…this THOUGHT process.

When was the last time you had to really wait and work to achieve something?

Do you remember the emotions that surrounded the hard work and effort you put into achieving that?

Do you remember the feelings you had when you suffered a few set backs that maybe delayed your time frame you had for achieving the goal?

Were you ever distracted from your goal by another “squirrel” that maybe set you back further from actually achieving it?

If you were, it is probably due to the boredom that comes with what I call “blocking and tackling.”

And when this boredom starts to set in, we start to become more distracted by the marketing machine that we at Hope like to call “Squirrel!”

We all encounter Squirrels.

Especially if you are on the journey to self mastery and self understanding that is called “health.”

The vast majority of you will actually tune out at this part and probably click away from this blog because you surrender your health to the mercy of the paternalistic field of medicine which has positioned themselves to “do as your doctor tells you.”

But for those of you who have already exhausted this route and discovered that no one actually gives a damn about your health as much as you do…I am glad you are still here.

Health can be as complicated or as simplistic as YOU choose to make it.

Which diet works the best: The one you choose to follow to the T.

Which work out works the best: The one that you commit to doing day in and day out.

What vitamins do I need to take: Start with a good multivitamin like this one and don’t stop taking it for a whole year.

What about post work out nutrition: Find a company you support and believe in and take their product.

Here is the amazing thing you will find though.

The minute you start to follow take control of your health, Squirrel’s will start to enter your life.

It is kind of like when you start to go shopping for a new car.

I will use a Jeep for this example.

For the most of us, we don’t really notice Jeeps while they are on the road.

But the minute we start to think about buying one of those bad ass Rubicon’s with the doors off and big tires…You will see them EVERYWHERE.

This can be said about your health also.

You have made a commitment to get healthy.

The moment you make that commitment, the business of health is going to attempt to get a piece of your pie and distract you from your goal.

The latest work out trend.

The latest nutrition that can help you lose the winter weight.

The 5 things you can do right now to get a 6 pack.

The 10 things you can do….

I think you get the point.

Shoot the Squirrel.

At Hope Chiropractic Center, we choose Squirrel as our first value.

We choose to not be distracted by the Squirrels that aim to distract us from our goal of achieving health.

In fact, we often find that the process of health that we deliver at Hope is not full of glitz and glam.

It is actually the exact opposite.

It is the blocking and tackling reference that I made earlier.

You know what is funny about all of these “5 things you can do now” solutions that are used to Squirrel you away from your goal…they all say the same thing.

Follow a diet – meaning, don’t change it just because you didn’t lose 30lbs in 30 days – it took you a lot longer to gain it didn’t it?

Follow a work out regime – Usain Bolt trains on a FOUR YEAR schedule for less than 10 seconds of fame in the 100m dash…think about that for a moment…

Stick to the recommendations.

The reason we make the recommendations we do at Hope is because HEALING TAKES TIME.

And while the world is going to aim to distract you from your long term goals, we will continue to reinforce that there are no shiny objects, regardless of the industry.

Value #1…Squirrel!