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Our Values: #3 No Cover Bands

Guitar Hero


It has taken me quite a bit of time to reflect on how I wanted to introduce this value in written from.

What tend to strike my imagination is a flash back to the early 2000’s when Guitar Hero was the go to game for any young aspiring musician…

Looking back – while it was fun, what skills were actually developed for playing a live musical instrument – maybe hand eye coordination but outside of that nothing really was directly transferable.

However, what struck home for the millions of kids and adults who picked up this game was the desire to play in a rock band to their favorite artists throughout history.

A moment to escape.

A moment to become something that someone had already created.

I never really thought about this until I heard Andy Frisella make the statement “there are no cover bands in the rock and roll hall of fame.”

Guitar Hero gave us the opportunity to be a cover band without ever having to really go through the difficultly of learning to actually play the instruments to be a real band.

It was a fake.

An escape.

It was a exactly that – a cover band.

So…how does this transpire into our values?

I’m glad you asked….


The Hall of Fame


Did you know it takes 25 years for an artist to even be considered for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

That would be 25 years from the release of their first record.

Not counting the time it took to develop the skill and then produce said record.

When was the last time you committed 25 years to anything?

25 years ago, I was ten years old – pretty sure I haven’t done anything that long besides eat ice cream?

But on a more serious note, the dedication, the discipline, the challenges faced throughout those seasons of life are what allowed these artists to produce music worthy of the Hall of Fame.

So much so that most young kids get their start in music trying to copy the music of the genre they love.

Not a bad place to start.

However…not a good place to stay.

The bands that make it to the rock and roll hall of fame had early musicians influence them in their creative expression, however they did not just replicate that which had already been created.

This is incredibly similar to your health…

An analogy if you will…

In the history of Chiropractic, this would be akin to giving an adjustment like they did in 1895 because that is paying tribute and loyalty to DD Palmer…

I don’t know about you but I would not want to be the first person to lay down and have that adjustment delivered.


“In science, the thing is to modify and change ones ideas as science advances” – Claude Bernard


So – Chiropractic was founded in 1895…and you mean to tell me that we are still a cover band, duplicating theories from the turn of the 19th Century in modern day practice?


What is fascinating about History is that if we fail to study it and we fail to learn from it, we will just repeat it.

Thus – the current mass approach of how we adjust the entire spine, with no scientific evaluation outside the scope of “How do you feel” – probably one of the least valid measurements in all of health.

To be a cover band in Chiropractic is to treat every single patient the same.

A universal adjustment.

Given to every person.

Regardless of presentation.

Regardless of anatomy.

Without evaluating unique neurological system function.

Without evaluation bone structure.

Just rack and crack em.

This is what we mean by No Cover Bands at Hope Chiropractic Center.

We study the human person and we respect that fact that while we may seem to have the same components – bones, nerves, muscles, organ systems – our unique expression of these systems is what defines us.


No Cover Bands at Hope Chiropractic.


In order to achieve maximum clinical results, we use the most up to date scientific measures to ensure we are helping our patients move the needle of health to optimal.

This is accomplished with two incredibly important and unique processes that not every Chiropractic Office implements (remember, not everyone wants to make it to the Hall of Fame – some are okay playing Beatles Cover Songs at Dive Bars on Tuesday nights).

The first process: Computerized Infrared Thermography.

This test is used to evaluate the status of your neurological health.

Like I said just a few paragraphs before – we all have a nervous system, however, the status of that nervous system varies from person to person.

However – we do know that there is a constant among all human beings with regards to a balanced neurological system – it has the ability to regulate thermographic skin temperature within .3 degrees celsius in the paraspinal vascular beds.

This means that we do have a constant for what optimal function looks like.

This also means we can measure the metaphorical statement “how out of wack am I?”

The second process: Digital X-ray.

If we travel back to our quote from Claude earlier in this blog, we will recognize that our job as doctors is to advance with science.

If I were still adjusting patients full spine, every bone, every side, from head to toe – I would be stuck in the 1890’s and early 1900’s.

It just doesn’t make sense.

A ton of footwork was laid from 1924-1961 where Chiropractic Research was conducted to identify the specific anatomical segment of bone that was causing the less than desirable function of the human nervous system.

This point was found at the Craniocervical Junction – also called your Upper Cervical Complex.

You see – the developer of Chiropractic – BJ Palmer – sought what he referred to as “The One Cause.”

Utilizing deductive reasoning and studying hundreds of thousands of cases of people, he arrived at the conclusion that if you could correctly adjust the upper cervical complex, you can restore optimal neurological system function.

And as we know from previous teachings, basic human physiology and pretty much any biological science period – The Nervous System control the entire body – period….end of story.

Thus – to avoid being a cover band, we continued the work of BJ Palmer in the study and application of Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic.

Our understanding of the biomechanics of the cranio-cervical junction continue to develop as our imaging modalities improve with technological advancement.

Keeping this in mind – we understand that every single person will have a very specific adjustment for their unique presentation both neurologically and anatomically.

This alone allows to respect the dignity of each human being and treat each case as a unique case.

In our world, there is no “one size fits all or even most adjustment or treatment”

It is our core value to ensure that you are not treated like a cover band.

We want to help you to get to your Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – whatever that looks like for you life and your goals.

Remember – there are no cover bands in that arena!