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Our Values #4: Healing through all seasons.

Health is Seasonal

For some reason, we have surrendered this incredibly basic concept.

We have been sold the idea that we are virtually immune to any form of disease or illness because of how great “health care” is in the United States.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Health is not a permanent state.

Health is not an arrival point.

When I first sat down to write out this value, I wanted to write a long blog with a lot of analogies helping the reader better understand what is meant by “health is seasonal.”

But, with recent hysteria and hype, I think the media has done a great job into scaring this point into our understanding.

So, here it goes.

Health is a a state of well-being that is not mandated by whether you have symptoms or not.

You see, we would like to believe that once we are healthy, we will always be healthy.

That is faulty logic.

We don’t live in a vacuum.

In a vacuum, every single variable is accounted for – that is why you have a “control group.”

But we live in the world.

We exist in a place with a multitude of uncontrollable factors that all come together to equate to our current state of existence.

You could logon to Facebook, while driving, become triggered because someone posted something that offended you and the guy in front of you is going too slow…

Do you get the point?

Health is about controlling variables.

At Hope Chiropractic Center that is exactly what we aim to do.

We aim to control and remove the guess work that so many chiropractors implement in their practice.

I get it – you want results now, but that is just not realistic when it comes to our health.

The whole “we fix pain fast” model can be solved by popping  a few pain killers and drinking a 1/5th of jack.

Lets be real…life happens.

But just because life happens doesn’t mean every single person needs an adjustment!!!!

I would actually propose that every single person should have a guide who is responsible for helping them manage the state of the function of their central nervous system.

You see – health is the expression of how well your nervous system is functioning.


If your nervous system is compromised, you will feel it in ALL areas of your life, not just the man flu.

This is where we have gone awry in the United States.

We treat the symptom, we don’t find the cause.

At Hope, we find the cause, correct the cause and then help you LIVE for long periods of time without the cause having an impact on your life.

It is our firm belief that EVERY SINGLE HERO has a GUIDE to help them through their journey.

Hope plays the role of the guide in health.

Hope plays the role in helping you become the best version of yourself.

Hope helps you THRIVE through all seasons.

It is our fourth value because the first three all culminate into the last two.

Instead of being distracted by the shiny objects the world is trying to sell you as quick fix, we recognize that you build health through seasons.

We know that if you can maintain a central nervous system free of dysfunction and in a state of adaptation, that you will have health through all season.

Finally – we know that your nervous system is unique to you (there is no one adjustment fits all approach, just like there are no cover bands in the rock and roll hall of fame). By respecting your unique anatomy, physiology and nervous system function, we allow you to avoid becoming a cover band like the rest of the sheep who think that taking a pill for the rest of their life will solve their problems.

Health is a state of well being that is constantly invested in and ever changing.

If you want to maintain Health, you better be damn sure you are taking care of your central nervous system.

That is the only way you will find healing in all season of life.

That is why it is our 4th value.