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You’re not enough.


No matter how good of an adjustment you deliver…

No matter how much you pray for your patients…

No matter how many words of encouragement you give…

You will fall.

Your patients will suffer.

Your belief in yourself and your work will have a stutter step.

And you will question, much like your patients, is that really the right adjustment and are they really getting better?

Is there something more I can do?

It is on those days where anxiety, depression, fear like to start creeping in…

It is on those days where the challenge of facing your health head on is the most difficult.

It is on those days, I find myself being brought to my knees asking God “why?”

When the best option seems to be curling up into a ball, turning the lights off, and binge watching the latest Netflix series.

It is also on those days that the truly resilient people stand up and say…Not Today.

It’s like that story of the Devil whispering in your ear ” you’re not strong enough to weather the storm.”

And you courageously look him back square in the eyes…

Lean in to his ear and whisper back: “I am the storm.”

So if today is “Someday” for you…

Pick yourself up.

Dust off your knees and elbows.

Set your chin and take the reigns.

Being the storm leads to massive transformation.

It’s not easy.

But damn, it sure is worth it.