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The Most Important Decision.

When I first started this blog, I actually took the idea from one of my mentors – Andy Frisella.

He was sick and tired of how limiting Instagram was with the audience based upon the social media algorithm.

So, I thought to myself, that is a brilliant idea and I need a free place to write my thoughts on Hope out.

What better place than here.

Well…it turns out that I don’t always have an inspirational daily thought on Hope.

That I am human and sometimes I just don’t really have anything to say.

Ever find yourself in that position?

Yeah – its normal to be there…and that’s cool to be okay with it.


Today is not one of those days.

My morning routine consists of 45 minutes of prayer when I first wake up.

I get a set of three email’s in my inbox.

Two are focused on the daily readings with reflections from authors I enjoy –  Bishop Robert Barron and The Magis Institute.

The third is a daily quote that comes from Dynamic Catholic – and this is where today’s thought originated.

“True discernment is more than just thinking about something. Discernment involves action. It also involves a decision. And the very first decision is whether it’s about my life and my vocation or whether it’s about God’s will for my life and my vocation” – Fr. Mike Schmitz

Fascinating thought right there.

So often, we have this idea of what our life should look like.

It often involves a set of goals – financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, relational…you get the point.

And then the giant wrench is thrown in your plans and you wonder why things don’t always turn out like you planned.

Man…I have those days every single day.

And then a quote like this gets thrown my way as a subtle reminder that it isn’t up to me to begin with.

The truth in life is that yes, we must take action.

But is our action a reflection of God’s will or my human will?

Most of the time, we choose the path of human action.

Will I get more like’s on social if I post this photo or video?

What will people say if I say this?

Maybe more people will respect me if I buy this car….

Or in my case – I’ll get more patients if I run this ad….(hah!)

Like I said…human decisions with human actions.

When in the end, the only action that matters is the one that brings us closer to God..

So, at the end of the day or even the end of our race here on earth to the eternal finish line…

The biggest question asked is – did I use my day to day life to draw closer to God?

And the most important decisions made are the very actions that we have right here right now to help us do that.

Thus, as you go about your day today…keep it in the back of your mind that the next most important choice, reaction, comment, like, post that you make is one that is helping you and others move the needle closer to a relationship of experiencing God.

Trust me…he will take care of the rest.