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Thinking BIG

Yesterday’s thought on success made me want to dive deeper into some of the principles I use to guide my own life.

For many of you who follow me or are a patient of mine, you know I am an intense person all around.

You know I shoot for the moon when I work with a patient and that I believe without a doubt that the best solution for their health is found in our office.


I wasn’t always that way.

I used to think small.

I used to think I needed more tools in the tool belt in order to achieve the desired results.

Until I read a book called “The Magic of Thinking Big.”

You see.

This book can be summarized in the first three sentences of the book.

  1. Success is determined not so much by the size of one’s brain as it is by the size of one’s thinking
  2. All of us, more than we recognize, are products of the thinking around us.
  3. The mind is it own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven.

Oh how I wish more people would understand these constructs.

When I first opened my business, I became what I attracted from my thoughts.

I thought I couldn’t help people get well, so they didn’t.

I thought I always adjusted them wrong – so an adjustment would never hold.

I thought that they wouldn’t pay and they didn’t.

I virtually thought myself into failing at my first attempt of opening my Chiropractic Office.

You see, your THOUGHTS attract your REALITY.

You may be thinking…well duh.

But I am not sure you understand how massive this concept is in our own life.


If your closest 5 friends are failing in business, finances, addictions, and health, I can guarantee you that if you don’t change those friends, over the next year you are pretty soon going to be failing in those EXACT same categories.

If you continually read about doom and gloom, your life will be filled with doom and gloom.

You will literally create your OWN HELL.


On the road map to success (whatever that looks like – when you find it could you please let me know) you will see that THINKING BIG and CONSUMING BIG will transform your life step by step.

Now..this is not something that is easily done or readily changed overnight.

Your product of thinking has taken time to arrive at and it will take time to change.

For those of you who are in my practice…it may sound something like this:

“Oh, I have been told that this disease process is something I have to live with for the rest of my life”


“I am not getting any better”


“Why am I always sick”


“I am not sure this is working.”

You are literally causing yourself to not improve by your words you speak over yourself.

You are literally causing all the progress you make to be undone because you buy into the lies that people have spoken over you from a place of power.

Thinking BIG requires you to undo this.

It requires you to transform your consumption habits.

It requires you to move away from EVERYTHING you have ever been taught about health and to start consuming material that truly speaks health into existence.

“I am getting better”

“I will no longer suffer”

“Every single adjustment helps me become the best version of myself”

“I can do this.”

You see…whether you think you can or you think you can’t…you are right.

So the choice is up to you today.

Will you choose to THINK BIG or will you choose to dredge down the same path you have been on the last 20 years?