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To find Happiness

Over the last two months, my spiritual director has had me working through a book called “Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence.”

The book is designed to help us find peace and happiness.

In today’s day and age, we are laden with people who are full of hate, anger, rage and judgement.

We see it everywhere we look.

Rarely do we see peace and happiness.

In fact, I would dare suggest that MOST of us are seeking peace and happiness.

And we continually fall short.

In chapter two of this book, there is a statement that I think will help guide you in this journey.

To remain indifferent to good fortune or to adversity by accepting it all from the hand of God without questioning, not to ask for things to be done as we would like them but as God wishes, to make the intention of all our prayers that God’s will should be perfectly accomplished in ourselves and in all creatures is to find the secret of happiness and content.

This is a tough one for almost everyone.

As human we are quick to compare.

We see people on social media and automatically think the grass is greener.

We rarely stop, pause, and look at our own life to see God working in it.

In order to make that change, it starts with a simple prayer.

A prayer to God asking him that his will be done.

Not your’s.

But His.

This is the start of the path to peace and happiness.

When we learn to accept this path, we learn to surrender to his absolute will, knowing that the outcome will always be better than we ever imagined.

– Dr. Kramer