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Vanity of vanities: the external chase for an internal problem

65% of Americans are obese or overweight. The diet and fitness industry is a $60 BILLION industry. And yet, we could not be more unhealthy. The western culture is obsessed with external appearances. However, our internal systems are leading indicators that we are absolutely not healthy. The top 4 causes of death in America are Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, and Lung Disease. Sure, we can do external things to try to improve these but all the leading indicators let us know that no matter how hard we work out or how healthy we eat, there is still a problem going on internally. On today’s episode I break down why the majority of Americans are actually not healthy. I also dive into how we can address this massive problem…and no, the solution is not found in the western medicine approach of pills, potions, and lotions. All it takes is a lesson in basic human physiology and that is what we will cover today. Remember, all symptoms are the result of a deficiency of one system. If you live the western life style of stress stacking for long enough, you will begin to develop chronic disease. If you treat chronic disease with pills, potions, and lotions for long enough without addressing the underlying cause, you develop the top four causes of death. The solution is simple, and the answer is located inside you.