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What’s wrong with success?

This morning while I was at the gym, two of my friends and I got into a discussion about success from a financial perspective.

The context of the conversation was surrounding the fact that someone got ticked because someone else made more money than them.

And this is where the conversation started.

Let’s be real people, someone is always going to make more than you.

Someone is always going to make less than you.

In all honesty – who gives a shit.

Financial success is a great asset for an opportunity to do great things!

However…the conversation doesn’t always go this way.

Often times, we see someone pull up into the parking lot in their brand new car.

Since I am located in Southlake, lets go crazy and say it just so happens to be  Rolls Royce.

Now – I am not a big car guy, always been a truck guy and always will be.

But for this thought, lets say it is a Rolls Royce.

Often times, most people will look at that and go…

“WOW…what a bad ass car…”

Immediately followed with…

A stereotype sentence about people who drive them – “I bet that guy is a douche bag.”

End Conversation right there.

Where the heck have we gone with our culture and our life?

Who care is that guy or girl decided to take his success and purchase an automobile valued at $200,000.

Who cares if he or she chooses to live in a $2 million dollar home.


Success is a by product of hard work.

Will all of us achieve that level of wealth and make those types of purchases?

More than likely…they won’t.

More than likely, a majority of us will stay at our $50,000 salary for the rest of our life because we have a mindset that is focused on how unfair it is to be where I am.

Most of us will not take the first step in changing our life to helping it become something greater?

Most of us will use the excuse of “That guy is a douche bag, and I would never do that with $200,000.00” because we have never even made $200,000.00.

Most of us…

But for those of you who listen.

This is my thought today.

When someone is successful, why don’t we celebrate them?

They worked their ass off to get there.

Instead of talking smack behind their back…why don’t you go and shake that persons hand.

Take the opportunity to learn what kind of person they are.

9 times out of 10, you’ll learn they probably aren’t a jerk.

They probably are just further down the road than you.


They can probably teach you a thing or two to help you achieve your own success.

Not to mention that they made sacrifices that you and I were probably not willing to make.

Hope as a virtue requires you to make those sacrifices.

Hope requires you to be counter cultural.

Hope requires you to be successful in your endeavors.

Hope requires you to not give up.

So…what’s wrong with success?

Not a damn thing.

If you have $200,000.00 to spend on a car and that is your thing…do it.

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader.