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Who is on your team?

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on my favorite torture device – The Assault Bike, texting back and forth with one of my best friends.

We were reminiscing on the journey life has taken us over the last 12 years.

In our conversation, a topic came up on core work and low back pain.

You see, back in 2009-2011, I was hardcore into Crossfit.

And when I say hardcore, I lived and breathed it.

I wanted to compete at the games and I was willing to put my body through hell to get there.

It just so happens that in 2007 I had a terrible back injury throwing Discus.

To the point that I was scared I wouldn’t be able to walk again.

After working through the athletic training department at TCU, things started to clear out but I would get this residual back pain on a 6 month rotating basis.

So, during those years of 2009-2011, I wouldn’t be able to train for two weeks at a time because of this terrible pain.

It was about this time that I met my amazing wife, KD and my best friend, Chris (both in the image on this page).

During these years, these two people formed what would become tribe,  and today they are my team.

They are also the people that helped me fully recover from this injury.

You see, often times we believe or are conditioned to believe that healing is primarily a physical process.

We take x-pill and we get x-resolution.

We do x and we get y.

However, there is another facet of healing that is simply forgotten about, the emotional, spiritual and psychological process, which is primarily a product of who you surround yourself with on your team.

Who is there to pick you up when you are down?

Who is there to cheer you on when you are in the darkest storm of your life?

Who is there to listen to you when you are fired from your job?

How about the ear when you find out your kid is doing drugs or drinking?

Who is there to catch you when you fall on your face, help you dust off your knees and get back in the game?

Who is there when you are injured, hurt, and in a state of desolation to walk through that storm of life and help you discover hope again?

Meaning – who is your team?

For most of you, you have your people.

But every now and then, it takes some re-evaluation of those relationships.

I can tell you that in the last 12 year stretch I have people come onto my team and fall off.

I have gone on to their team and fallen off.

Some people are there for a season of life.

Others are there for the long haul.

What matters most is that you surround yourself with the people who help you become the best version of you.

After that, it is built with my friends and my family.

KD and Chris have been my team since 2008.

They have walked through the storm of life in more instances than I can count.

They have been through every single shitty situation you can imagine with me.

They are my team.

So, while you are having some down time today, take a moment to think about who is on your team.

Who has been there the longest?

Who is the first person you call when shit hits the fan?

What about the second and the third?

Then, reach out to them and thank them for just being there for you through all seasons of life.

And if you find yourself with less than desirable team mates, maybe it is time for a change.

Maybe it is time to start forming a new team.

That is my daily hope challenge to you!