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49: The Pedestal Effect

Too often, in our health journey, we engage in what is called “The Pedestal Effect.”

It is a state of mental health in which we find ourselves continually comparing who we are and where our health is to everyone around us, especially those we want to be just like.

Said in another way, comparison is a deadly sin.

Just know, that in your journey, you are not alone.

Every single day I discuss with people their own progress.

I discuss their unique goals and what they are doing today to achieve them.

What amazes me is that as soon as they reach their pedestal, most people quit.

They give up the very thing that helped them achieve that goal!

They quit their diet.

They quit their program.

They quit their habits.

Because they have been sold the lie that once you arrive this state is apparently permanent…

Nothing can be further from the truth.

The amazing thing about a pedestal is that once you reach a new level, you realize that everyone else is just like you at that level.

They have the same problems.

They face their own unique health challenges.

They too have to face their own pedestals.

In this race of life, the choices we are presented with are incredibly simple.

Do you choose to live in the perpetual state of comparison in which you are chasing someone else life?


Do you choose to navigate your journey on your terms and ensure that you are living your best life right now…in this moment?

The choice is yours.