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Certainty vs Guessing

Do you ever feel like your doctor is playing the lottery with your health? You know…guessing at a bunch of random diagnoses without ever being certain of what will work and what won’t work? I have been there too. I would imagine that most of you who have landed on this blog have been there […]

But I feel better..

One of the most confusing topics in health is the topic of feeling. For a majority of us, we choose not to engage a health care provider until we “feel sick, have pain, or have a certain aspect of our life reduced.” However, in all of the years of study we have performed on the […]


Let’s face it. All of us are starting to feel the pressure of the last 5 months. I feel like there is a giant sleeping bear that we continually poke on the daily, if not hourly basis with the rampant news stories flooding our new feeds. Remember, what you consume, you become. My challenge for […]


Have you felt like you have held a burden for too long? Maybe to where it feels like you continually add weight to the burden day by day, year by year? The truth is. For the majority of us. We are in your shoes. We are all faced with this struggle, this burden, whether we […]

A restructuring of sorts.

The process of surrendering is often portrayed as a sign of weakness in our day and age. I think it is fair to say that throughout human existence, surrendering has been viewed as weakness. A conquering. A sign that you lost. You are no longer in control. Raise the white flag. However, I think that […]

To find Happiness

Over the last two months, my spiritual director has had me working through a book called “Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence.” The book is designed to help us find peace and happiness. In today’s day and age, we are laden with people who are full of hate, anger, rage and judgement. We see it everywhere […]

DNA Expression and Chiropractic

One of the most comical comments I consistently see on social media platforms regarding chiropractic is a statement that goes like this… “I’m looking for a Chiropractor that can solve my issue in 1 visit and not sell me on maintenance.” Let’s be real people…NOTHING works in a few visits. If it did, everyone would […]

The Ugly Side of Health

Let’s face it, Health is a pretty hot commodity these days. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on with Covid, the topic of health is emotionally charged and filled with many self proclaimed experts on the topic. Keeping this in mind, I want to start this post with letting you know that […]

Our Values #4: Healing through all seasons.

Health is Seasonal For some reason, we have surrendered this incredibly basic concept. We have been sold the idea that we are virtually immune to any form of disease or illness because of how great “health care” is in the United States. Nothing could be further from the truth. Health is not a permanent state. […]

When vertigo won’t go away

Vertigo sucks.   Let’s be more specific. Any time you get that sudden feeling of uncontrolled dizziness (whether it be from drinking too much the night before or as a result of a disease process) it really sucks. According to the Mayo Clinic, vertigo is the sudden sensation that you’re spinning or that the inside […]